Invite players to join the game 

1. Ask players to join the session and click Join Trivia Battle: 

2. Players will then enter their name and select an avatar: 

Play the game

1. To open the game host controls for a question, click Open Question

2. Click Show Question Only to reveal the question and points a player can win: 

3. Click Deploy/Start to display the question, possible answers, and start the countdown timer: 

After the game host has clicked Deploy/Start, players will select an answer on their computer or mobile device: 

The faster a player can answer correctly, the more points they can win. Each trivia question is accompanied by a countdown timer. As the timer counts down, the number of points a player can win will also be decreasing.  

4. Click Show Answer to highlight the correct answer and percentage of players who selected each option: 

4. Click Return to the Leaderboard to display players who answered correctly and add their points to their overall scores: 

5. Click Close to return to the dashboard and open the next question: