Adding Conferences i/o to a Microsoft Teams meeting allows attendees to check in and out for CPE purposes and participate in Social Q&A, Live Polls, and Session Evaluations directly in the Teams meeting window.


Add Conferences i/o to Microsoft Teams

Note: If the Conferences i/o app is not visible or has a lock icon on it, please contact your IT department to ensure the app is approved for use in your organization. See Request apps that require approval by your org for more information.

Note: The integration is only compatible when using the Microsoft Teams desktop application. The Conferences i/o app will not be accessible for attendees that join the meeting via the web app or mobile app.

Edit Meeting Method

  1. Create a meeting

  2. Click the + icon in the header

  3. Search for Conferences i/o then click the icon

  4. Enter the URL of the app then click Save

Apps Marketplace Method

  1. Create a meeting

  2. Inside the Teams client, open the Apps marketplace

  3. Search for Conferences i/o then click Add

    Note: Alternatively, you can locate the app on Microsoft AppSource, then follow the links to open it in the Teams client.

  4. Click the dropdown button, then click the appropriate destination (typically Add to a meeting)

  5. Search for the name of an existing team, chat, or meeting, click it in the dropdown, then click Set up a tab

  6. Enter the URL of the app then click Save

Within the Meeting Method

  1. While in the meeting, click Add an App

    Note: Depending on the number of apps in the meeting or the size of the window, it may be under More ...

  2. Search for Conferences i/o then click the icon

  3. Enter the URL of the app then click Save

Using Conferences i/o during the meeting

To open the app in the meeting, click the icon at the top of the meeting window.

Note: Depending on the number of apps in the meeting or the size of the window, it may be under More ...

The app will open on the right side of the window to the URL specified by the meeting organizer.

Moderating a Conferences i/o session during a Teams meeting

Due to Teams client limitations, the Teams app can only provide the attendee experience.

To moderate the session, moderators must open a separate browser window and sign-in to the session as a moderator. The moderators can check-in to the session as a normal attendee, but the moderator button will be intentionally hidden while using Teams.

Using Conferences i/o during Teams breakouts

Teams apps are accessible within breakout rooms. However, the Conferences i/o session that is pre-added to the meeting is not automatically accessible within breakouts.

To use the app during breakouts, someone will have to add the Conferences i/o app to each breakout room following the Within the Meeting Method. In most cases this will be the host, but attendees of the host organization may also add the app.

Note: Using the same Conferences i/o session in the main Teams Meeting and Breakout rooms will not disrupt any attendance tracking data for attendees. Attendees will not be required to create a new check-in. 

It's also important to note that attendees should not check-out from the Conferences i/o session during breakouts (unless they are leaving the session and do not plan to return).

Teams apps and external organizations

Only members of the host Office 365 organization can add, update, and remove apps in any context. Non-standard users (guests, external users, and anonymous users) cannot modify apps, but can use them if added to a meeting, chat, or channel they can access. For more information, see Availability and use of Teams apps by different types of users.