Adding Conferences i/o to your Microsoft Teams meeting allows your attendees to check in and out for CPE purposes, participate in Social Q&A, Live Polls and Session Evaluations directly in the Teams meeting window.

No need to use a separate device or switch between windows!

Add Conferences i/o to Microsoft Teams

First, add Conferences i/o to Microsoft Teams by either using Microsoft AppSource or by opening the Apps marketplace in your Teams.


Afterwards, make sure that you have enabled Turn on new meetings experience under Microsoft Teams Settings → General.

If you don’t see Conferences i/o among the apps, please contact your IT department as there might be restrictions in place and Conferences i/o app needs to be whitelisted.

Create Your Teams Meeting

Before you can add Conferences i/o to your meeting, first:

1. Schedule the meeting (either via the Microsoft Teams calendar or Outlook)

2. Invite at least one participant to the meeting if it’s scheduled via calendar (not needed with Outlook)


Afterwards, open the meeting by:

  • Clicking Edit (if the meeting’s been scheduled via the calendar)

  • OR by opening the meeting in Teams Calendar to add the Conferences i/o app (if the meeting’s been scheduled via Outlook)


Please note: Installing the Conferences i/o Teams app is only required in order to add Conferences i/o to a Teams meeting. Attendees are not required to have the Conferences i/o app installed in order to participate.

Add Conferences i/o to Your Meeting

1. Click the plus (+) icon located in the header to add an app to the meeting

2. Search for the Conferences i/o app and add it to the meeting

3. Copy the URL of the Conferences i/o session that you want to use and paste the URL into the popup box within Teams. Click Save.

4. A new tab will now be added to your Teams meeting but don't be confused by this. Your Conferences i/o session will be accessible to attendees directly within the Teams Meeting platform as well (which we'll see in a moment).

Using Conferences i/o During the Meeting

After joining the meeting, attendees can click the Conferences i/o icon within the header menu to launch Conferences i/o.

Conferences i/o will now be accessible directly from within the Meeting!

Please note: The integration is currently (as of February 2021) only available for the attendee experience. There is currently no way to sign-in as the moderator from within Teams. We will be updating the integration to allow for moderation in the future.

*If you are utiliizing the attendance tracking functionality within Conferences i/o, attendees will be required to check-in prior to joining the session (before participating in Q&A, Polls, etc.).


Please note: The integration is only compatible when using the Microsoft Teams application from a computer. Conferences i/o will not be accessible for attendees that join the meeting via their internet browser (instead of the Teams Application) or via a mobile device (even if using the Native Teams mobile app). This is a current limitation set by Teams but may change in the future.

Using Conferences i/o During Teams Breakouts

Teams apps are accessible within breakout rooms. However, the Conferences i/o session that is pre-added to the meeting is not automatically accessible within breakouts.

Using the Conferences i/o app during breakouts requires a meeting host to go into each breakout room and add the Conferences app (following the steps below). Alternatively, an attendee within the breakout room can add the Conferences i/o app to their breakout room as long as that attendee belongs to the host organization / team (eliminating the requirement for a meeting host to add the app to each breakout room).


Step 1: Click the three dots (...) within the header bar and select Add an app.

Step 2: Choose the Conferences i/o Teams App

Step 3: Paste the Conferences i/o session URL and click Save.

The attendees will now be able to access Conferences i/o within the breakout room. 


Using the same Conferences i/o session in the main Teams Meeting and Breakout rooms will not disrupt any attendance tracking data for attendees. Attendees will not be required to create a new check-in. 

It's also important to note that attendees should not check-out from the Conferences i/o session during breakouts (unless they are leaving the session and do not plan to return).

Upon returning to the main Teams Meeting Room (once breakouts have ended) attendees will need to click the Conferences i/o app icon in order to access Conferences i/o within the meeting interface again.


Why does an organizer need to invite participants first, before being able to add the Conferences i/o app as a tab?

You only have to invite someone if the meeting’s been scheduled using Teams Calendar. When scheduling it using Outlook Calendar, you don’t have to invite anyone. 


Is Teams extensibility (apps) going to be supported in Teams Live Events and other types of meetings?

Not at the moment (February 2021) but meeting organizers will be able to add Conferences i/o in an ad-hoc (chat) meeting, channel meeting as well as Live events (the webinar product) in the future.

Can someone moderate Conferences i/o directly from Teams?

Not at the moment (February 2021) but we will be adding the ability to moderate directly from Teams in the future.

If I invite someone from an external organization to a Teams Meeting, can they access Conferences i/o as well?

At the moment (February 2021), only members and guests in your organization have access to apps such as Conferences i/o in Teams. Federated, external or anonymous users don’t have such access. This is subject to change on Teams’s side in the future.