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List and Descriptions of Available Fields for Certificates

Certificate Field
What Will Be Displayed On The Certificate
First Name / Last NameThe first and last name of the attendeeJohn Smith
Email AddressThe attendee's email address
Program TitleThe name of the session (for a single session certificate) or the name of the conference (for a multi-session certificate).Auditing Not-for-Profit Entities: Superior Skills for an Effective and Efficient Audit
Program LocationThe session location (not applicable for a multi-session certificate)Chicago, IL 
Program DateThe session date and start timeFebruary 1, 2021 10:00 AM
CreditsThe total number of credits that the attendee earned from the session / event. Only the numerical figure will be displayed, no other text.If the attendee earned 1 Tax Credit and 1 Auditing Credit, the "Credits" field would display as "2" on the certificate.
Fields of Study - Single LineThe number of credits and corresponding field(s) of study that the attendee earned from the session / event on a single line 1 Tax, 1 Auditing
Fields of Study - Multi LineThe same information as above except with each field of study on a separate line. For example:

1 Tax

1 Auditing