Copy an existing session on your application to quickly create a new session with the same settings and the same poll questions.

What aspects of the session will be duplicated?

  • Attendance Tracking settings such as check-in / out requirements, field(s) of study and number of CE credits, codewords, etc.
  • Presenters and Learning Objectives
  • Poll questions and configurations
  • In-Session settings such as which features are enabled or disabled, polls locked or unlocked, etc.

Note: Only the poll questions themselves will be duplicated. The poll data (responses) from the original session will not be duplicated.

Duplicate a Session

1. Sign in as an Admin and go to Manage Sessions

2. To copy a session, hover over More beneath the session’s name and then select Make a Copy


3. Edit the name, time, and date of the new session, then click Duplicate Now