CPE Codewords are a mechanism used to insure that attendees not only stay for the entire duration of a session but are also actively paying attention throughout. 

Note: CPE Codewords are only compatible with our Standard Self Check-in Attendance Tracking mode (not compatible with Kiosk or Self Reporting Modes).

Note: Attendance Tracking and Codewords are Add-On features. If you do not see these options, please contact your account manager to enable it or contact  hello@conferences.io with questions about your account.

How to Add Codewords to a Session

To add CPE Codewords to an existing session click Manage Sessions from the Admin Dashboard and then click Edit under the session's name.

Once within the Edit Session page, you will see a section titled Codewords.

Click Generate Codewords to have Conferences i/o automatically generate a series of 3 digit codes for you.

Note: Alternatively, you can manually create your own codewords by choosing the Add New Codeword option instead.

Input the number of CPE Codewords that you want Conferences i/o to create for each hour of credit and then click Generate.

In this example my session was worth 1 CPE Credit and I told Conferences i/o to create 3 codewords per credit, so a total of 3 codewords were created (3 x 1 = 3).

However, if this session had been worth 2 CPE Credits, Conferences i/o would have generated a total of 6 codewords (3 x 2 = 6).

Conferences i/o will automatically create a series of random 3 digit numeric codes which you will see listed on the page.

Once the codewords have been generated, make sure that you scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

After saving you will be brought back to the Manage Sessions page.

Find your session in the list and click Codewords on the right-hand side of the page (under the session's name).

A box will appear displaying the codewords that have been added to the session. Click Download Slides to download a PowerPoint file of pre-built slides to insert into the instructor's presentation deck for the session.

The first slide in the downloaded file displays instructions for how attendees can join the Conferences i/o session. Insert this slide (copy and paste or drag and drop) at the very beginning of the presentation deck.

An accompanying template script for an announcement that can be made by the instructor or moderator while this slide is being displayed can be found here. This announcement will instruct the attendees on the CPE requirements and how to submit the CPE Codewords.

Note: It's very important that the process is clearly communicated to attendees, so we recommend setting aside 3-4 minutes at the very start of the session to make sure that the instructions are communicated to everyone.

After the How to Join instructional slide, the PPT file will contain a separate slide for each CPE Codeword. These Codeword slides will need to be inserted into the presentation deck.

Tip: We recommend setting anchor points -- inserting the first codeword slide near the start of the presentation, inserting the last codeword slide at or near the end of the presentation, and then mixing the rest of the codeword slides proportionately between those two anchor points.

The final slide in the downloaded PPT file is a reminder for attendees to check-out on Conferences i/o when they leave. Insert this slide at the very end of the presentation deck, as it is the last step needed to complete the CPE process.

Codewords Reporting

After the session has concluded, navigate to the Admin Dashboard within your Conferences i/o app, click Manage Sessions, find the session within the list and click Manage (on the right-hand side of the page).

The Attendance Reporting Page will indicate the number of codewords that each attendee successfully submitted during the session.

For sessions with multiple different types of credit (e.g. Hour #1 is for Tax credit and Hour #2 is for Auditing credit) the codeword completions will report separately for each type of credit or field of study.

By clicking Details within the Codewords column, Admins can see exactly which Codewords an attendee did or did not successfully submit.

Codewords that were not submitted by the attendee will be displayed in red text with a strikethrough.