When joining a session that requires check-in, learners (users) will be prompted to submit "required information" and confirm the check-in on a screen that looks like this:

Even when a learner has previously submitted the required information, they will see this confirmation step before they can join the session.

Below, we describe a way to bypass the confirmation step via a special URL parameter. When this parameter is present, and when all the required information has already been submitted, the learner will be taken directly into the session without requiring confirmation.

Bypassing check-in confirmation

To bypass check-in confirmation, add auto_checkin as a URL parameter to any session URL. 

Here's a full working example URL (that should work if you test it):


What's happening in that URL?

In the above URL, we are passing along identifying information about the learner as URL parameters, and then we're appending the auto_checkin parameter to trigger the checkin bypass.

What are the requirements for bypassing to work?

auto_checkin only works when all of these are true:

  • Standard check-in mode is being used.
  • Check-in is required for the session.
  • The session does not have a check-in code.
  • All required information fields for the learner have data.

What happens if the requirements aren't met?

If standard check-in mode is not enabled, or if check-in is not required for the session, no check-in will be created.

If any of the required fields are missing or empty (blank), or if the session has a check-in code, then the learner will be brought to the confirmation screen.

For example, in this URL you will see that the last_name parameter has been left empty:


(Note that you may need to paste that link into a private browsing window to see the intended outcome.) 

What happens if a learner is already checked in?

If a learner is already checked into the session you've linked to, auto_checkin is ignored. The learner simply returns to the session dashboard.

In practice, when would I want to use the auto_checkin URL parameter?

If you're embedding Conferences i/o into your own application or service, you might use auto_checkin to save learners the hassle of confirming their information.

Bypassing check-out confirmation

Check-out confirmation can also be bypassed via the URL, though this is not required and the practical use case of this is less common.

Note that this only works if an attendee is already checked-in to a session, and if there's no checkout code for the session. (It won't create a check-in and then immediately check-out that learner.)

The URL structure for check-out looks like this: 


After check-out, the attendee will be returned to the session dashboard. There is currently no way to alter the direction they end up going.