Zoom-specific limitations

  • Zoom integration is best supported by Google Chrome (Mac or Windows) and Microsoft Edge (Windows). At this time, we don’t recommend any other browsers.
  • Larger groups (150 or more viewers) can cause bottlenecks at times with Zoom Meetings (Zoom Webinars should be okay with larger groups).

How do I associate a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar with a Conferences i/o session?

  1. Find and copy the Zoom link. It should look something like https://zoom.us/j/1234567890
  2. Go to your app’s administrative area (/admin)
  3. Click on Manage Sessions
  4. Find the session you need to associate this with and click Edit Session
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the session editing page and paste the Zoom link into the Webinar Link field
  6. If necessary, 
  7. Save the session
  8. On the manage sessions page, you should now see the “webinar” tag next to the session’s name

What happens if attendees have a problem seeing video or hearing audio from Zoom on Conferences i/o?

A browser webpage refresh will oftentimes resolve any video/audio issue.

If a webpage refresh doesn’t work, attendees can connect directly to the Zoom meeting using the handy “Connect directly to the webinar platform” link.

Will Zoom's breakout rooms and webinar registration work?

Yes to both. As of January 2021, Zoom has added support for both breakout rooms and webinar registration.

One important consideration on breakout rooms — you can move viewers to rooms, but they will still remain within the same Conferences i/o session. That is, we are not creating breakout sessions on the fly as you create breakout rooms in your Zoom meeting.