Download a pre-built presentation slide that contains instructions for how to join a session as an attendee, including a QR Code which attendees can scan using their mobile device.

Downloading the How-to-Join Instructional Slide

1. Sign in to the session as a moderator

2. Click Session Settings

3. Click Add Live Content to Presentation Slides

4. Click the Download All Live Content Slides button

5. Wait for the presentation file to download, then open it

The How to Join slide contains instructions for attendees to join the session by navigating to the application URL or by simply scanning the QR Code using their mobile device

❗️Important: Please note that while the other Live Content slides (such as Polls or Q&A) require the presentation computer to have the Conferences i/o PowerPoint Add-in installed, the How to Join slide 

DOES NOT require the PowerPoint add-in to be installed in order to be displayed.

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