Featured Updates

  • [Attendance Tracking] Automatic Credit Adjustment

    • On a per session basis, admins can now run a logic based rule that will automatically adjust credits based on the number of polls completed or a number of codewords completed
    • Read more about automatic adjustment

General Enhancements

  • [Attendance Tracking] Certificate Template Builder now has more fields to use

  • [Audience Response] Added a "45 second" option to Polling timer
  • [Administration] Improved the Copy Session tool to specify the date and times of the session during duplication
  • [Administration] Same-day events no longer prevent session date from being modified when creating or editing

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a spacing issue on the Session HTML report when two enhanced bar charts are rendered

  • Fixed a display error where Field of Study credit would not show up in the certificate when only one Field of Study is entered

  • Fixed an issue where the API was incorrectly reporting data for a multi-response open ended poll

  • Fixed a bug where exporting session data with both team battle and trivia battle questions caused the output file to become corrupted