Featured Updates

  • [Administration] Webinar Feature Settings

    • Webinars now have some settings that can be customized to tailor the experience for learners, including specifying a specific version of the Zoom Web SDK, overriding the post-meeting redirect URL, display of the "directly connect to webinar" link, configuring early joins for attendees, and customizing the sidebar link
    • This configuration page can found in Admin under Advanced Tools > Webinar Settings
  • [Attendance Tracking] Bulk Credit Adjustment Updates

    • Bulk Credit Adjustment now supports an "off-to-on" credit eligibility add credits for attendees that were marked as ineligible
  • [Attendance Tracking] Attendance Tracking Content Customization

    • Administrators can now customize elements of the attendance tracking experience by tailoring titles, instructions, messages, and labels to the event and audience. Additionally, email receipts can now be customized with a reply-to, from address, subject line, and content.
    • These configurations can be found in Admin under Attendance Tracking > Attendance Tracking Content Customization

General Enhancements

  • [Attendance Tracking] Administrators can now select a specific certificate template to use for each session
  • [Attendance Tracking] Check-in notes added during self-reporting mode can now be edited

  • [Audience Response] Added Enhanced Bar Chart as a results format option for multiple choice poll questions
  • [Moderation] The Presentation Mode menu has been rearranged to be consistent with the flow of usage
  • [Administration] API keys are now hidden behind a click-to-reveal box to improve security
  • [Administration] Moved the link to download live content slides into a more obvious location
  • [Administration] The Conferences i/o Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is now available for download
  • [Administration] Easy Presentation mode is now enabled by default on all applications

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Trivia Battle from working correctly in IE11 (and other things that rely on IE11, such as Webex's Multimedia Viewer)

  • Fixed a bug with manual bulk credit adjustment that prevented using time attended on a session with no polls or codewords

  • Removed a errant link that incorrectly routed to the ATv1 check out page after completing session evaluations in ATv2

  • Fixed a bug where long team names caused the scoreboard to not properly resize during Team Battles

  • Updated logic that prevented Trivia Battle slides from being included when downloading all live content slides

  • Updated bulk checkout to session end time so that it now correctly reflects in the session duration