Multiple check-ins and check-outs

Attendees can now check themselves in and out multiple times via self-checkout and the kiosk features. Administrators will be able to see the time for the first check-in and the last check-out, as well as the total time spent checked in to the session.

New design for Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode has a new look and feel that displays all check-ins, including those that have used self check-in. The kiosk mode can also be used in conjunction with multiple check-ins and check-outs, giving attendees an enhanced self-service experience.

Improved Self Check-in mode experience

Self check-in mode now also supports multiple check-ins and check-outs to further enhance their self-service experience. Self check-in mode also supports the new Codewords feature. 

Note: As a result of the new multiple check-in feature, self check-in mode no longer supports the "Require Evaluation in order to check-out" option.


Administrators can now enable the Codewords feature to ensure attendees stay focused on the presentation.

For more information on Codewords, see our Setup and Use article.

Delivery Method

Administrators can set the delivery method on a per-session basis to Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid. Selecting Hybrid will enable an Attendance Method attribute at the check-in page for users to select their respective method. This data is available as a standard field in attendance data.