Featured Updates

  • Attendance Tracking Hybrid Session Settings

    • In session settings, there's a new data field for the method of delivery. 
    • If the delivery method is set to Hybrid, attendees will be prompted to select their method when they check in
    • This data will be available in the session attendance details, as well as via API

General Enhancements

  • [General] Enhanced the check-in page with more obvious visual indicators of missing required fields
  • [Administration] Added additional Australian time zones
  • [Audience Response] Trivia Battle is now available in Easy Presentation Mode
  • [Attendance Tracking] Missed time in Attendance Tracking v2 now impacts an attendee's time in session
  • [Attendance Tracking] Added an API for removing check-ins (see documentation)
  • [General] Added support for Zoom Web Meeting SDK 1.9.9

Bug fixes

  • Fixed alignment of Teams app Codewords and check out buttons to be more consistent
  • Fixed a bug preventing session-level certificate choices from being saved
  • Fixed a bug where single-page session loading view remains visible when initially loaded in a hidden frame
  • Fixed a bug in enhanced bar charts not recognizing response option input filters
  • Fixed a visual bug with hover effects on buttons that added an unintended line
  • Fixed a bug where attendees with no check-ins were appearing on the combined attendance page