Conferences i/o can be added to a Webex meeting by using our Webex Embedded App. The embedded app enables attendees to check-in, respond to polls, ask questions, enter codewords, or participate in team battle or trivia battle without leaving the Webex meeting.

Note: Conferences i/o requires a paid subscription to use. Contact us at to get started.

Adding the Embedded App to a Meeting

  1. Click the Apps button and select Conferences i/o

  2. Enter your App URL in the box and click Set App URL 
    See How to: Find and download a list of session URLs for information about locating a session URL

    Note: For best results, use a specific session URL.

  3. Click Open Together to launch for attendees

  4. Present your meeting

Note: For more information about how to use Webex apps, see the Webex Help Center.