General Enhancements

  • [Attendance Tracking] Certificate templates in Certificate Builder can now be duplicated

  • [Attendance Tracking] Placeholder certificates will now be created for new users without an existing template
  • [Attendance Tracking] First and last name fields are now required by default on new attendance tracking apps
  • [General] Latest Zoom Web SDK has been made available
  • [General] Error message logging for the Zoom Web SDK has been improved
  • [General] Webinars now support password-protected Vimeo links

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where presenter bios were including archived sessions
  • Fixed a bug that made the "There are no questions right now" message appear when it should not have
  • Fixed a bug where Q&A upvote numbers were not properly exported
  • Fixed a display bug in the Teams app that caused the Check-in and Codewords buttons to be inconsistent
  • Fixed a bug where response counts were not appearing in the evaluation data export
  • Fixed a bug that caused some session dashboards to get stuck on the loading screen after successful connections
  • Fixed a bug where the upvote count for brainstorm polls did not appear in the export spreadsheet