What do poll audio alerts do?

When enabled, poll audio alerts play a chime sound when a poll is opened for responses. This gives attendees a clear audio notification in conjunction with the prompt to respond to polls. 

Poll audio alerts also plays a different chime sound when submitting to alert the attendee that their response has been submitted successfully.

How are the poll audio alerts triggered?

Poll audio alerts are automatically played when a poll is unlocked, either via manual unlocking or automatic unlocking. 

Can poll audio alerts be enabled on specific sessions or polls?

Poll audio alerts are enabled for an entire application. Once enabled, the alerts will be active for all sessions in that application and cannot be selectively enabled or disabled on a per-session or per-poll basis.

Do poll audio alerts work on all browsers?

Poll audio alerts have been tested and confirmed to work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Do poll audio alerts work on mobile devices?

Poll audio alerts have been tested to work with Chrome and Firefox on Android. iOS users may need to enable autoplay in Safari to hear alerts.

Please note that poll audio alerts may not function on mobile devices when the screen is off or the browser window is not active.

How do I enable poll audio alerts?

Audio alerts is available for self-enrollment. See Beta Program Information for information on how to enable the feature.