Featured Updates

  • Audience Response Audio Alerts for Polls Beta Opt-In

    • Audio Alerts for Polls gives attendees a clear audio indication when a poll is unlocked to help drive engagement. It also plays a notification when submitting a poll response to assure attendees that their response has been submitted.
    • To opt in to this feature beta, submit an Audio Alerts for Polls beta opt-in request.
    • For more information about Audio Alerts for Polls, see our Poll Audio Alerts FAQ.
  • General Brand Bar v2 Beta Opt-In

    • Brand Bar v2 is an update to the live content slide brand bar that moves it to the right hand side of the screen and introduces a handy QR code for easy access to the session.
    • To opt in to this feature beta, submit a Brand Bar v2 beta opt-in request.

General Enhancements

  • [General] Evaluation completion information added to attendance data via export and API
  • [Polling] Enhanced bar charts for multiple choice polls with correct answers now clearly denote the correct answer on a live content slide
  • [Polling] Improved dynamic text sizing in pie charts and enhanced bar charts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where barchart polls with a correct answer were ordered so that the correct answer was listed first