The steps for this integration take place within the Cvent AttendeeHub App Builder. For more information, see the Cvent support article for adding links. 


  1. Log-in to the Cvent account

  2. Access the Attendee Website and App Builder and select the event

  3. From the left-hand navigation, click Attendee Hub

  4. Click Manage Website and App

  5. From the left-hand navigation, click Pages

  6. In the Home Page section, click Edit home page

  7. Click Add card in the top-right

  8. Click Single Link Card

  9. Type in the card name (e.g. "CPE Check-in" or "Polling / Q&A") and click Next

  10. Under Link Type choose Dynamic
  11. Copy and paste the following code into the box labeled Dynamic Link{[FIRST NAME]}&last_name={[LAST NAME]}&email={[EMAIL]}
    • Replace text highlighted in green with the Conferences i/o URL
      For example, if the Conferences i/o URL is then replace myapp with contoso

    • The portions of the URL that are highlighted in yellow are the Cvent Data Tags for each ID field. It is not necessary to replace these with the Insert data tag feature in Cvent.

Note: The attendee Name and Email fields will only be passed through to Conferences i/o if Attendance Tracking Check-in is required for the sessions

  1. Click Create Card and then save changes

The AttendeeHub Final User Experience