When managing attendance tracking data, processing check-ins for attendees with duplicate records is even easier with the Merge Duplicates feature. Administrators can identify duplicates with the same email address, then blend the results into a single entry for easy attendance reconciliation.



Merge Duplicate Check-Ins will merge attendance data from attendees with the same email address. The resulting merged record will have:

  • the earliest checkin time
  • the latest checkout time
  • all uniquely entered codewords
  • all poll responses

Checkin records that were used to create the merged checkin record will be discarded. For example, if there were three 'duplicate' checkins for one person in a session, only one record will remain after merging.

Note: Checkin merging is intended as a data reconciliation tool after a session or conference has ended. It is not recommended to use this tool while a session is in progress.


Source Data

Angela Andrews11:45 am12:05 pm
111, 222, 333
Angela Andrews12:15 pm--333, 555
Angela Andrews12:56 pm2:00 pm111, 555, 666, 777

Merged Result

NameCheck-inCheck-OutUnique Codewords
Angela Andrews11:45 am2:00 pm111, 222, 333, 555, 666, 777


  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Click Manage Sessions
  3. In the Attendance column, select Manage for the session to manage
  4. Review the identified duplicates listed in a note at the top and the corresponding records with a yellow highlight
  5. In the right hand sidebar, click Merge Check-Ins w/ Matching Emails
  6. Double-check the list of records to merge, then click Merge Check-Ins Now

  7. When complete, all duplicate entries will be reduced to unique entries