Using Conferences i/o in Zoom meetings is even easier now with the Zoom app, allowing meeting hosts to add a session directly into the meeting. 



Prior to installing the Conferences i/o App from the Zoom App Marketplace, enable the Zoom setting on the Conferences i/o application.

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Click Advanced Settings

  3. Check the Enable Zoom-related security headers box
  4. Click Save Settings

Install from the Web

  1. Sign in to Zoom

  2. Go to the Conferences i/o on the Zoom Marketplace page

  3. Click Add 
  4. Click Allow to add the app

Install from within the Zoom client

  1. As the host in a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar, click Apps
  2. From the Apps pane, click Discover. (If you don't have any apps open, the "Discover" tab will automatically be loaded.)
  3. Search for Conferences i/o and follow prompts to add the Conferences i/o app to your Zoom account

  4. Click Allow to add the Conferences i/o for Zoom app to your Zoom account