Note: If you aren't already a Conferences i/o customer, you won't be able to take advantage of the Conferences i/o for Zoom app


Requirements Prior to Using the Conferences i/o For Zoom App

  1. Install the Conferences i/o for Zoom app

  2. Enable the Zoom Setting on your Conferences i/o Application
    1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

    2. Click Advanced Settings
    3. Check EnableZoom Related Security Headers
    4. Click Save Settings

Using Conferences i/o for Zoom as the Meeting or Webinar Host

  1. Open the Conferences i/o app from the "Apps" pane within Zoom.

  2. Confirm that you are in host view

    Host view is required to associate a Conferences i/o URL with the Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar. When in host view, the Conferences i/o for Zoom App will show a Host View message.

  3. Enter the Conferences i/o URL into the Set Conferences i/o URL text field and click Save URL

    This is the step that allows you to associate a Conferences i/o session URL with this Zoom Meeting or Webinar. When viewers join the Conferences i/o for Zoom app, they will automatically be shown this URL.

    Note: We recommend using the direct URL for the Conferences i/o session for the meeting or webinar rather than the app's home page.

    For example, use instead of

  4. Click Invite All Attendees Now

    The Auto-invite attendees as they join checkbox will send invitations to anyone who joins later*.

    *Important Note: The host must leave the Conferences i/o app open within Zoom in order for late arriving attendees to automatically receive the invite to the Conferences i/o app (see Step 5 below for more information)

    At any time the Host can also send invites to specific individual attendees by clicking the Paper Airplane icon (see below) and then choosing the attendee(s) from the participant list.

    Here (below) is what the Attendees will see when they receive the invite to use the Conferences i/o for Zoom app

    After Opening the invite, the attendee will be able to access and participant on Conferences i/o directly from Zoom

    Leave the Conferences i/o for Zoom app open

    Host View functions as a listener, detecting when new attendees join the meeting or webinar. If you are using the "Auto-invite attendees as they join" option (recommended), the Conferences i/o app must be left open by the Host so that it can send invitations as people join.

    Use "Open in a browser" to access the Conferences i/o URL on your computer.

    The Conferences i/o for Zoom app does not currently allow the Host to access Conferences i/o directly from Zoom (like attendees are able to).

    If the Host needs to access Conferences i/o (either as an attendee or as a moderator) they can click the Open in Browser button which will open the Conferences i/o session in a separate browser on their computer.