The Zoom marketplace allows users to install apps, including the Conferences i/o app, into an account. Removing this app requires modifying the account settings on the Zoom website, as the app is not a standalone application installed on a user's device.



  1. Open Zoom

  2. Click on Apps in the control bar, and then click the expand button

  3. Click Manage in the expanded Apps pane to open a browser window

  4. From the Added Apps section, locate Conferences i/o for Zoom and click Remove

  5. Confirm removal by clicking Remove

Note: For more information, see Zoom's Installing and uninstalling apps from Marketplace documentation.

What happens when the Conferences i/o for Zoom App is removed?

Removing the Conferences i/o for Zoom app will remove Conferences i/o for Zoom from the list of installed apps, but won't delete any data or change anything within Conferences i/o. Removing this data is a secondary step that must be performed by an administrator of the event app.

Note: Conferences i/o collects and processes data on behalf of its customers. If you used the Conferences i/o for Zoom app to connect to Conferences i/o from a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar and you want to delete or modify your data, contact the organizers of the event directly.

If you're not able to reach the organizers or you don't know who they are, please Contact Customer Support.