Featured Updates

  • Attendance Tracking Conflicting Check-in Detection

    • To facilitate the process of reconciling CPE credits, Conflicting Check-in Detection can help administrators identify when an attendee has check-ins in overlapping concurrent sessions and take action to ensure the attendance data is accurate.
    • The Conflicting Check-in Detector can be found inside the Combined Attendance & Multi-Session Certificates area of the admin panel 

General Enhancements

  • [Administration] New Advanced Settings page for administrators that includes many self-service settings that were previously only accessible by contacting support

  • [Administration] Home page QR Codes can now be generated from the admin panel

  • [Administration] Splash page feature is now available to all customers

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when merging check-ins that include preloaded check-ins
  • Fixed a bug with check-in breakdown page when using legacy certificates
  • Fixed a bug with combined check-ins that ignored session check-ins when the 'first' check-in was marked ineligible and the others were not