Some elements of Attendance Tracking Content on the Check-In Screen can be customized by administrators for a better experience to attendees.


General content 

The General content section modifies how the check-in screen is displayed.

Note: The Check-in Screen is only visible to users when these conditions are met:

  1. The user is not signed in as an administrator
  2. Attendance tracking is enabled
  3. One of Self-Reporting Mode or Standard Mode are enabled

Heading / page title is the top of the page, normally "Check Into Sessions". For best results, use a concise heading like "Welcome to Spring CPE Training".

Instructions at top of page contains instructions for attendees before checking in. This can be used to relay additional information, such as badge pickup or contact information. By default, this is "Add your necessary information and then add Sessions to your Check-In".

Heading for section that lists checkins is the top of the section of the list of sessions the attendee has checked into. It does not display when there are no check-ins for that attendee.

Message when there are no checkins is messaging to the attendee when they have not checked into any sessions. When not customized, this displays "There are no session checkins to display".


Note: If the user has checked in to a session, the "Message when there are no checkins" message will not display.

Self-reporting content

The Add a check-in button text will customize the label on the button to add a check-in.

Page heading will customize the heading of the page when adding a self-reported check-in. By default, this heading is "Add a self-reported checkin".

The Instructions will display under the self-reported check-in header. When nothing is specified, this section will not be visible to attendees.


Email receipts

Make the receipt option available to attendees will allow attendees to email themselves a confirmation of their check-ins. When unchecked, this option is not visible.

Check-in receipt button text customizes the text on the button to send a receipt, which is normally "Send Now". 

The Reply-To Email Address is an email address that any responses to the receipt email will go to. If left blank, these emails will go to "" and will not be seen. Note that the actual sender email cannot be changed.

Email 'From' Name is the friendly name of the email sender. This can be something like "Spring CPE Sessions".

Email Subject Line is the subject of the receipt email attendees receive.

Email Message Heading is a heading at the start of the body of the receipt email.

Content of Email Message is a section that appears before the check-in table. This can be used to inform recipients about how to request assistance with their CPE check-ins or who to contact for more information.


Note: When Make receipt option available to attendees is unchecked, this section will not appear.