Use as an Attendee

When invited by the host, attendees will see an invitation to use the Conferences i/o for Zoom app:

The invite will also appear within the Zoom chat widget:

After opening the invite, the attendee will be able to access and participate on Conferences i/o directly from Zoom

Attendees can click Pop Out to open the Conferences i/o session as a separate floating, re-sizable window.

The Pop Out option would allow the attendee to use other features like chat while still keeping Conferences i/o easily accessible.

Use as a Moderator

Hosts of the Zoom meeting or webinar are not able to moderate the Conferences i/o session directly from Zoom. 

You can reference Step #6 in Using the Conferences for Zoom App as a Host for information about moderating as a host.

However, non-Zoom Hosts can easily moderate the Conferences i/o session directly from Zoom by opening the app invite and clicking the Sign in to Moderate button. 

Note: If the Sign-in To Moderate button is not visible, see Hide the 'Sign in to Moderate' Button to learn how to unhide it.

Once signed in, the Moderator will be able to perform all normal moderation actions such as managing Social Q&A questions or launching polls.