Administrators can quickly load and check-in attendees in bulk by preloading attendees and using the Bulk Check-In feature. This allows organizers to ensure every attendee's attendance is properly recorded and credited without the hassle of manually reconciling individual check-ins.


  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Follow the steps for pre-loading attendees in Use Session Kiosk Mode for Attendance Tracking

  3. Ensure the session has a proper start and end time defined (see Create or Edit Sessions)

  4. Click Manage under Attendance for the session

  5. Scroll down and locate the Bulk Check-In feature the sidebar, then click Bulk Check-In Attendees

  6. Confirm the bulk check-in by clicking Bulk Check-In X Attendees, where X is the number of attendees to check-in

    Note: Bulk Check-in will only check-in preloaded attendees who have not checked in already. Attendees with a check-in will not be modified.