Featured Updates

  • Audience Response Improvements to Presentation Mode

    • Presentations can now be transferred from one session to another

    • Presentation are now sorted alphabetically, so it is possible to create an order by prefixing with numbers

    • New breadcrumb-style navigation added to improve usability

    • Presentation slides can now all be removed at once, allowing for easier re-upload

    • Reordering slides has been overhauled for improved usability

    • Additional minor workflow improvements    

General Enhancements

  • [Administration] Added an option to reset 'sent' status for session and combined-session certificates, enabling administrators to re-send in bulk
  • [Audience Response] 

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue that prevented FontAwesome icons from appearing in places (such as the Zoom app)
  • Resolved an issue that affected how some QR codes were generated