PollSense AI is Conferences i/o's take on generative AI, specifically developed and trained to help Conferences i/o customers create polls. PollSense AI can recommend polls based on a variety of both short-form and long-form prompts.


PollSense AI Overview

PollSense AI will ingest the content of an uploaded PPTX slide deck, identify opportunities for polling questions, and then create the polls within this session. Polls will include a mixture of true/false and multiple choice, and they will include what the AI thinks is the correct answer (based on the presentation content).

Note: PollSense is an experimental feature currently in beta and only available to a select number of customers.

There may be an additional charge for using this feature after the beta period has ended.

Information about signing up for the beta can be found here.

PollSense AI and your data

Conferences i/o temporarily stores the content of the presentation in order to create the polls, but will not retain the content of the presentation.

Your data is not used for training AI. It is uploaded for the purposes of summarizing and querying.

Generate polls with PollSense AI

  1. Sign-in to a Session as a Moderator

  2. In the Polling area, click Create

  3. In the right sidebar, click the link for PollSense AI

  4. Upload the PowerPoint presentation file by clicking Choose File (marker 1)

  5. Optionally, select a Field of Study for the poll questions (marker 2)

  6. Specify the number of polls to create (marker 3)

  7. Click Start creating polls

  8. Wait for the process to finish

    Note: Question generation may take a few minutes, depending on the number of polls to create.

  9. After generation is complete, review the questions for accuracy

Best Practices for PollSense AI

  • Review the poll questions for accuracy before using.

    PollSense AI may incorrectly interpret data and create questions with the wrong answer. It may also word some questions in a way that may confuse attendees into choosing the wrong answer.

  • Generate more questions than are needed for the presentation.

    PollSense AI may generate duplicate questions for the same base material, or may generate incorrect or invalid questions. Generating a few more than required allows moderators to select the best questions without having to resubmit the material for additional generation.

  • Ensure source material is properly vetted and accurate

    PollSense AI does not validate the authenticity of the material against external sources, and will assume that information within the presentation is accurate.

  • Write or edit the content so that facts and data are presented plainly.

    PollSense AI works best when the details of the material are stated in plain language. For example, writing "The Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup eleven times" will produce better results than "11 - Number of Stanley Cups won by the Red Wings". Similarly, PollSense AI may not be able to accurately interpret data that is listed in charts or graphs and not directly referenced.

  • When using multiple fields of study, break the presentation into separate files and generate individually.

    Currently, PollSense AI can associate all generated polls with a field of study, but it is not able to determine which field of study relates to a given portion of the presentation. For this reason, separate the content into files by field of study and upload those to PollSense individually.