Conferences i/o offers a beta program to test new features of the platform. This resource serves as a comprehensive guide for current and future participants of the beta program, providing resources to facilitate an optimal experience while using Conferences i/o.


Notice about beta features

Some in-development functionality is available to activate while in beta mode. Please note that you may receive automated requests for feedback about any beta feature enabled on this app.

Note: Beta functionality may change without notice, including discontinuation. Be sure to thoroughly test any beta feature before using it in a live event.

Beta program enrollment

These beta programs are currently available for enrollment:

PollSense AI

PollSense AI Beta enrollment sign-up

Attendee Report CardContact Customer Support
Lock Session After Attendees Check Out
Contact Customer Support

Note: To unenroll in any beta program, please Contact Customer Support.


Select beta feature self-enrollment

Some beta features are available for self-enrollment and can be enabled and disabled by an administrator.

To enroll in a self-enrolled beta feature, see Configuring Advanced Settings.

These beta programs are currently available for self-enrollment:

FeatureHelp Article
Polls-completed alternate display

Poll audio notifications
Poll Audio Alerts FAQs
Q&A submission anonymityToggle Q&A Names Visibility
Credit rules for attendance trackingAdjust Credits in Bulk using Credit Rules
Duplicate check-in mergingMerging Duplicate Check-Ins
Q&A FacilitatorModerate using the Q&A Facilitator Role
Conferences i/o for Zoom
Animated check in / check out GIF
Identifying information in evaluation reports