Most reported issues related to connectivity to the real-time database are intermittent and resolved by a workaround. However, some issues arise from client or network configurations (e.g. firewalls and network blocking) that may be difficult to troubleshoot.


Bandwidth requirements

As a general rule, a reliable average connection of at least 50 KB/s per attendee is enough to guarantee steady performance with Conferences i/o. This is most important during in-person gatherings where many devices will be connecting to a local network. 

Firebase connectivity

Note: Conferences i/o's support and engineering teams are constantly monitoring the status of the Firebase service. If an outage negatively impacts an event, contact Conferences i/o support for more information.

Required services and domains

  • Below are the services and domains that Conferences i/o requires in order to function
  • If applicable, contact the appropriate technical support teams to ensure these services and domains are added to any corporate allow lists, firewalls, or proxies

Service NeededReason
JavaScriptCritical for real-time services
jQueryCritical for real-time services
WebsocketsPrimary and most reliable real-time connection
Long-polling (repeated requests to a remote server)A backup if websockets are not available
Port 443All Conferences i/o resources and connections use SSL on port 443

Domain NeededUse Case
*.cnf.ioConferences i/o core application
teamsapp.conferences.ioConferences i/o Teams and Zoom apps
cnf.firebaseio.comReal-time database service (via Firebase)
d3r1vvs66lg0fx.cloudfront.netCDN for user assets, like uploaded logos