Certificate Builder features a robust selection of fields with dynamic data to simplify the administration of events. These are the Certificate Builder fields along with descriptions and examples.

Certificate Field
What Will Be Displayed On The Certificate
Attendee / Learner Information
Full name (first + last)The attendee's first and last nameJohn Smith
Email AddressThe attendee's email address johnsmith@email.com
(Attendee ID Fields)The associated value of the attendee field (varies)
Program Information
Program titleThe name of the session (for a single session certificate) or the name of the conference (for a multi-session certificate)Auditing Not-for-Profit Entities: Superior Skills for an Effective and Efficient Audit
Program locationThe session location (not applicable for a multi-session certificate)Chicago, IL
Program dateThe session date and start timeFebruary 1, 2023 10:00 AM
Fields of Study (FOS) & Credits
Total creditsThe total number of credits that the attendee earned from the session / event. Only the numerical figure will be displayed, no other text.If the attendee earned 1 Tax Credit and 1 Auditing Credit, this displays as "2" on the certificate.
All FOS & credits (single line)The number of credits and corresponding field(s) of study that the attendee earned from the session/event on a single line 1 Tax, 1 Auditing
All FOS & credits (multiple lines)The number of credits and corresponding field(s) of study that the attendee earned from the session/event with each field of study on a separate line.1 Tax
1 Auditing
Single-Session Certificates Only
FOS # - label only
 (repeated for each FOS)
The label of the Field of StudyTax
FOS # - credits only
 (repeated for each FOS)
The number of credits of the FOS1
Delivery format (default)The delivery format as either In-Person or VirtualIn-Person
Delivery format (NASBA)NASBA approved language for the delivery format, either Group Internet Based or Group LiveGroup Internet Based
Issuance dateThe date the certificate was createdApril 2, 2023
Presenter names (on single line)The names of the presenters of the session on a single lineJane Presenter, Joe Presenter
Presenter names (on multiple lines)The names of the presenters of the session with each presenter on a separate line.Jane Presenter
Joe Presenter
Special fields
Static textA predefined, unchanging text field.The specified text
Logo (from app header)The header image of the app.The currently set app header image
Image (uploaded)An image as uploadedThe uploaded image