The Advanced Settings page allows administrators to more finely tune the app experience.


Changing settings

The advanced menu requires administrator access. To enable or disable features:

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Under Advanced Tools, click Advanced Settings

  3. Enable or disable features as desired

  4. Click Save Changes

The navigation menu is the sidebar on the left side of the app, and is enabled by default.

Enabled navigation menu preview

Disabled navigation menu preview

Session search on home screen

The session search is a feature that makes it easy for attendees to find a specific session in cases where there are a large number of sessions on the home page. By default, this feature is disabled. 

Enabled session search preview

In-app help for session moderators

The in-app help feature adds a small red Help button in the lower right corner of the app. Clicking this button provides access to documentation and a means to contact support. This feature is enabled on apps by default.

Enabled in-app help button preview

In-App tutorials and announcements

Enabling the in-app tutorial and announcements will allow administrators to see AppCues pop-ups and highlights that indicate new features, news, or walkthroughs. The tutorials and announcements are enabled by default

Example in-app announcement

Beta Functionality and Features

From time to time, Conferences i/o releases some beta features into a self-enrollment program. For more information, see Beta Program Information.