Use flexible attendee identification fields to collect information about attendees for admins and moderators to export.




When an attendee completes a session evaluation, responds to a poll, or asks a question using Social Q&A, their interactions are anonymous by default. Admins and moderators have the ability to require attendees submit identifying information before joining the session that is then tied to their responses.

By using the Attendee Identification Fields, attendee interaction in the session will remain anonymous among their peers. Other attendees will not be able to access information that identifies other attendees or their questions, poll responses, evaluation responses, or anything else. However, Admins and Moderators will be able to access all of the identifying data in session reports.

By default, all apps and sessions automatically have the option to require first name, last name, and email address. To add additional ID details, an admin can customize Attendee Identification Fields.

Modify required fields for a single session 

  1. Sign in as the session as a Moderator

  2. Select Session Settings

  3. Click Attendee Required Fields

  1. Select the identification details that attendees will enter before joining the session 

  1. Click Save Changes

Modify required fields in bulk

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Click Manage Sessions

  3. In the Bulk Actions area, click Update Identity Requirements

  1. Mark attendee fields as required, not required, or no change as desired

  1. Click Apply Changes to apply changes to all sessions