When an attendee completes a session evaluation, responds to a poll, or asks a question using Social Q&A, their interactions are anonymous by default. 

By using the Attendee Required Fields, attendee interaction in the session will remain anonymous among their peers. (i.e., Attendees will never know who asked a question, responded to a poll, etc.) However, the Admin and Moderator will be able to attribute attendee responses in session reports they can export later.


  1. Sign in as the session as a Moderator and select Session Settings
  2. Click Attendee Required Fields

  1. Select the identification details you’d like attendees to enter before joining the session: 

  1. Click Save Changes

You’ll automatically have the option to require first name, last name, and email address. To add additional ID details, ask the Admin Panel to visit the Attendee Identification Fields section in the Admin Panel. Learn more

When Attendees join the session they’ll be prompted to enter their information: 

Want to identify attendees throughout the event? Learn more