In a traditional meeting or conference setting, it makes sense to allow your attendees to complete a Session Evaluation when a Session is close to ending. We’ve made that easier than ever with the ability to automatically unlock Session Evaluations without any extra effort from your Moderators.


As a Moderator or an Administrator, there’s always the possibility that you can forget to unlock the Session Evaluations or even unlock them too late when your attendees are shifting their attention to a new Session.  The best response rates come when attendees are still in the session room.  By using this feature, Administrators can automate the time that their Session Evaluations unlocks, and sync them to open 3-15 minutes before the session ends, or immediately when the session is over.  


This feature will only work when an Admin has configured the date and time settings for their sessions, as well as setting the correct time zone in the app’s Event Details and Dates. 

To adjust time zone settings on your app:

1. Browse to your App's Administration Settings

2. Click 'Event Details & Dates'

3. Choose the appropriate time zone

To enable automated Session Evaluation unlocking:

1. Browse to your App's Administration Settings

2. Scroll down to the 'Session Evaluations' section

3. Click 'Change Evaluation Settings'

4. Select the relative time (to the end of Sessions) you would like Evaluations to automatically unlock.

5. Click 'Save Changes'.

And that's it! Session Evaluations will automatically unlock at the designated time.

A few more notes on using this functionality:

  • This setting is global for all Sessions, so every Session configured with an end time will automatically have its Evaluations unlocked at the designated relative time.
  • You can still manually unlock a Session's Evaluation (if you want it available prior to the designated time).