Pre/Post poll comparisons are used to compare the results of a poll question, before and after learning information. It's a great tool to showcase how your audience changed or maintained their viewpoint on a specific question. Currently, the Pre/Post Comparison can only be displayed through the Conferences i/o Windows PowerPoint Add-In. Click here to download our PowerPoint Add-In for Windows.

To create a Pre/Post Comparison:

1. While signed in as a moderator/or admin, create two identical multiple choice polls with the same question, within a session.

*Pre/Post Comparison can only be done with multiple choice options.*


2. After the polls have been created, you are ready to create a comparison slide which you will then embed into Windows PowerPoint. To do so, navigate to Session Settings - Add Live Content to PowerPoint.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to generate a Pre/Post Comparison. Select the first poll as the Pre-Test, and then choose the second version of the poll as the Post-Test. Choosing your polls in that order is critical. 

4. Click the button for Create Pre/Post Comparison.

5. A new Slide Code will be created for that Pre/Post Comparison. Insert this new Pre/Post slide  into PowerPoint AFTER your pre and post polls. Make sure that the order of the PowerPoint is as follows: 

Pre-test poll --> Post-test poll --> Pre/Post Comparison. You can have any amount of slides or polls in-between.

If you need a refresher on the different methods to insert Live Content slides into PowerPoint, see our article entitled "Using the Windows PowerPoint Add-In for Polls"

6. To show the results of the Pre/Post Comparison, run the PowerPoint to collect data for both the first question, and the second question, and then the Pre/Post Comparison slide will show the comparison. The Pre/Post Comparison slide will be blank until responses have been collected for the first and second poll.

TIP: By default, a newly created Pre/Post Comparison slide will have a dark background. You can switch it to a light background by clicking the 'EDIT' button that you'll see for that slide while you are on the page for "Add Live Content to PowerPoint. See the example below of the EDIT button to look for.

Here's a sample slide that has been switched to the Light Background for a pre/post comparison slide.