Pre/Post poll comparisons are used to compare the results of a single poll question before and after learning information. It's a great tool to showcase how your audience changed or maintained their viewpoint on a specific question. Currently, the Pre/Post Comparison can only be displayed through the Conferences i/o Windows PowerPoint Add-In. Learn more about that here.

To create a Pre/Post Comparison:

1. While signed in as a moderator/or admin, create two identical multiple choice polls with the same question within a session.

*Pre/Post Comparison can only be done with multiple choice options.*


2. After the polls have been created and are ready to be embedded into Windows PowerPoint. Navigate to Session Settings - Add Live Content to Windows PowerPoint.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to generate a Pre/Post Comparison. Select the first poll as the pre test, and the second as the post test. Remember this order. 

4. Create Pre/Post Comparison.

5. A Slide Code has now been created for the Pre/Post Comparison. Copy and paste this Slide Code into PowerPoint AFTER the pre and post poll. Make sure that the order of the PowerPoint is as follows: 

Pre-test poll --> Post-test poll --> Pre/Post Comparison. You can have any amount of slides or polls in-between.

6. To show the results of the Pre/Post Comparison, run the PowerPoint to collect data for the first question, the second, then the Pre/Post Comparison slide will show the comparison. The Pre/Post Comparison slide will be blank until responses have been collected for the first and second poll.