Note: The Conferences i/o Mac App is in public beta. While the app has been tested by many customers, there can still be quirks or bugs that have not yet been ironed out. If you are using the Mac App and see any strange behavior, please email

Getting Started

  1. Installing the Conferences i/o Mac App
  2. Using the Mac App for Presentations
  3. Troubleshooting the Conferences i/o Mac App

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I create live content slides on one computer and transfer them to another?


Yes, as long as the destination computer is a Mac and has the Conferences i/o Mac App installed.


What is the App doing?

The live content slides you download from Conferences i/o contain special tags in the presenter notes. When the Mac Presenter App detects one of these tags, it will overlay your active presentation with the live content slide from Conferences i/o.

Will these slides work on Windows?

Slides created using the Conferences i/o Mac App will work on Windows computers, provided that the computer has the latest version of our Windows PowerPoint Add-In installed.


Will these slides work on Keynote?

As of early 2017, we are working to resolve an issue with the automatically generated PPTX file when you try to open it directly in Keynote. If you try this, you will see an error message indicating that Keynote cannot open the file "for some reason". If you have PowerPoint available on the Mac, you can open the file in PowerPoint, save the file, and then try opening in Keynote. This seems to fix the issue with opening in Keynote.