Our favorite methods for managing the details of many Conferences i/o sessions are the bulk spreadsheet import and bulk spreadsheet update tools. These tools you allow to create a bunch of sessions at once, or update a bunch of sessions at once.

Of course, you can also create and manage presenters directly from this tool.

Within your spreadsheet (either the import spreadsheet or the session update spreadsheet), you will see a new column labeled "Presenters".


You can populate these cells with comma-separated lists of presenters.


The order of presenters in the comma-separated list will be maintained after the presenters are imported.

After uploading this spreadsheet, the backend of Conferences i/o processes your lists of presenters. The application tries to match each name to a presenter you've previously added. If no matching presenter is found, a new presenter is created. For this reason, consistency in naming is important ("Dr. Tom Jones" will be considered different from "Doctor Tom Jones"). 

To verify the success of our processing, you can see presenters listed under "Manage Sessions".


You can also go to the "Manage Presenters" page (on your administrative dashboard) to verify that the presenters were added.


Presently, there is no way to add job titles through the spreadsheet tool, so you will have to add these afterward.

Considerations using the session update tool

The above screenshots show the session import tool. Our session update tool works similarly.

After downloading a spreadsheet with details of your existing sessions, you will see any assigned presenters listed appropriately.


From here, you can add new presenters to sessions, un-assign presenters from sessions, and reorder presenters within a session. The only thing this tool will not do is completely remove a presenter from your Conferences i/o app. (Removal can only be accomplished from the "Manage Presenters" page on your administrative dashboard.)