Our second-generation Windows PowerPoint Add-In uses a 'ping' to test its internet connection before loading in live content from Conferences i/o. Some network environments block the ping protocol, which results in our second-generation Add-In thinking it has no network connection and displaying the following error.

If you see this error message, despite being connected to the Internet, your network environment likely blocks pings.

Luckily, we added a simple method to disable the ping check.

1. Open PowerPoint, go to the Conferences i/o ribbon, and click on "Settings".

2. The settings dialog box will open and should look something like this.

3. Uncheck the "ping" setting, and then click "Save".

4. Test your PowerPoint in slideshow mode again.

If a blocked "ping" was the problem, you should now see live content from Conferences i/o loading in.

Will I have to change this setting for each presentation?

No. The setting is saved globally on your computer.

Will I have to change this setting on every computer?

Yes, provided that every computer is using the same network environment and experiencing the same issue.

What happens if I disable the "ping" and don't have an Internet connection?

When you disable the ping check, the Add-In will try to connect for about 30 seconds, then display a generic error message. During these 30 seconds you will see a series of error messages that looks like the following.

If you've disabled ping check and see this sequence of messages, then make sure your computer is fully connected to the Internet. If it is, then something else may be going on and you should contact the Conferences i/o Support Team at support@conferences.io.