Can I setup Team Battle across all of my sessions or multiple sessions?

Team Battle can be configured for each session. If you want to have a single Team Battle during your event, we recommend creating a session dedicated to Team Battle and directing attendees to that session.


Can I copy a Team Battle game into another session?

Currently, this is not available but we hope to release this functionality in the near future.

Can each attendee play on their own if we want all attendees to battle each other?

Team Battle works best with a smaller number of teams, so we wouldn't recommend setting up teams for each attendee. Future audience games will allow attendees to compete individually.

The Scoreboard only shows 8 teams. Can we configure it to show all teams?

Yes, you can adjust it to show more teams. Contact support for more assistance.

Do we have to assign players to each team? And/or Can we assign players to particular teams?

Your audience will have full control on their preferred team choice. It's not currently possible to assign players to particular teams. We do recommend giving the audience direction on team selection. Learn more.

Does a Team Battle game have to be played live in one sitting? Can it be played over the course of several days?

Yes, this is possible. We would recommend that all quiz questions be placed into one game (in one session). You can opt to just play (open) a few questions each day, but keep in mind that your audience should be sitting together in a live setting when questions are opened, since answering quickly can mean winning more points.

Can Team Battle games be played asynchronously, where players play at their leisure and answer questions sequentially?

Unfortunately, Team Battle games must be played together because the game moderator controls the release of questions and the speed at which the questions are answered affects the points earned.