If you want to remove all sessions, which includes the removal of all polls and all Q&A entries (something that you might want to do before a new event), use the bulk action called Remove All Sessions. Please note that while this option will erase all sessions, presenters, session evaluation responses, polls and Q&A entries, session evaluation questions are preserved. 

To perform this action, sign in as an admin and visit the admin dashboard for your app. 

Note: If your app doesn't show an option to Sign in as Administrator (which is common when your app is configured to be integrated with another mobile event app), you can access the admin area by adding "/admin" to the end of your app's URL. For example, if your app is https://myapp.cnf.io, visiting https://myapp.cnf.io/admin will prompt you to sign in as an admin and put you at the admin dashboard.

Click on Manage Sessions.

Click on Bulk Actions, followed by Remove All Sessions.

Since this choice will remove all sessions (and the data under each session), you must confirm the action by entering the admin password.

This action cannot be reversed. Once completed, you can begin creating new sessions. Before doing so, you may want to visit the admin choice called Event Details & Dates in order to enter a new start date for your next event.

If you want to selectively remove data, (e.g. poll responses), visit our article entitled Clear Data.