When it's time to get ready for a new event with your Conferences i/o app, there are several steps that we recommend taking. This article will outline those steps.

Note: This article is for those with a multi-session app. If you have a single session license, there are no 'old sessions' to delete nor any 'new sessions' to create.

Here are the steps we recommend taking along with a recommended order.

  1. Save any data that you want to keep. You can save all Poll responses and Q&A submissions via the Bulk Export choice near the bottom of the admin dashboard. To find the admin dashboard, visit your app and look for the link to 'Sign Into Admin'.

Note: If your app doesn't show an option to Sign in as Administrator (which is common when your app is configured to be integrated with another mobile event app), you can access the admin area by adding "/admin" to the end of your app's URL. For example, if your app is https://myapp.cnf.io, visiting https://myapp.cnf.io/admin will prompt you to sign in as an admin and put you at the admin dashboard.

After choosing the bulk export option noted above, you'll see a button to download a ZIP file which will contain a separate 'XLS' (Excel) file for each session. There's also an option noted above to Export Evaluations. If you used session evaluations at your last event, be sure to click that option to save a copy of evaluation data.

  1. Update your Event Details. Visit the Event Details & Dates page to update your info. On this page (sample below), you can change the name of the app to reflect your next event's name, and you can also set a start date and end date. Please note that you're not required to enter a start/end date. When you create sessions, you still specify their date regardless. But be sure to check the time zone setting below to ensure it matches with your next event's venue location.

  2. Remove Old Sessions. Unless your new event has the exact same sessions (or nearly the same), we recommend removing all of the old sessions so that you have a clean slate. To do so, visit Manage Sessions; click Bulk Actions; then choose Remove All Sessions. For full details on this process, visit our article entitled Remove All Sessions.

  3. Create New Sessions. Now you're ready to create you new sessions via the Manage Sessions choice on the admin dashboard. To learn how, visit our article or our video tutorial on this topic.

Note: some customers desire to upload new logos and/or change branding for their app for new events. You can read more about branding here.