Similar to the standard Presentation Mode, Easy Presentation Mode includes the option to conduct polling using just your browser and not PowerPoint.  

Easy Presentation Mode can also be used to display Social Q&A on the session screen.

Detailed Steps

1. After creating your poll questions, visit Session Settings, then choose Easy Presentation Mode. NOTE: you would normally do this on a laptop computer that is connected to the projector or being screen-shared.

2. The Easy Presentation Mode interface will display a list of the Polls that you have created and a few other options.

3. Simply click on a Poll question from the list to launch it. Attendees will automatically be taken into the Poll question and the results will display on the Easy Presentation Mode screen that is being projected or screen-shared by the moderator. 

Please note that the embedded Poll Behavior Settings are compatible with Easy Presentation Mode. So if you are using a Poll behavior such as Manually Advanced to Results or Manually Start Countdown Timer you can trigger the action by using the button that will appear in the lower right corner.

4. Once you're done with that poll question, click the button in the bottom-left corner to re-open the overlay menu:

If you want to close the Poll, you can choose Social Q&A from the menu options. This will close the current poll and push attendees back into the session page where they can continue submitting Q&A questions, etc.

* Polls that use the Manually Advance to Results or Countdown Timer behaviors will automatically close (no longer accept responses) once the results are revealed.

5. Once you're ready to conduct the next Poll question, simply open the overlay menu and choose your desired Poll to launch. 

Additional Options:

  • Social Q&A: Display the list of Q&A questions that have been submitted by attendees. 

  • Team Battle: Display the Live Content Slide (Scoreboard, etc.) for a Team Battle game.

  • Switch to Dark Theme: By default, poll results will be shown on a light (white) background. You can switch to the Dark Theme at any time.

  • Normally, your web browser's address bar and menu options will remain visible while using Presentation Mode. Click Enter Full Screen Mode to hide those parts of the browser. You can exit full screen mode by either pressing the Esc key or by choosing Exit Full Screen Mode from the menu.

  • When you click on the bottom-left button after having selected a poll, you're viewing the "overlay" which lists all of the available poll questions plus the options noted above. Clicking on 'Close Overlay' will return you to your poll results.