Similar to the standard Presentation Mode, Easy Presentation Mode includes the option to conduct polling using just your browser and not PowerPoint.  

Easy Presentation Mode can also be used to display Social Q&A on the session screen.

Overview of Use for Polling

Create your poll questions. When you're ready to conduct audience polling, visit the Easy Presentation Mode web page which will show a list of poll questions. Do this on a computer that is connected to the projector (e.g., the AV guy might perform this via a laptop computer in the back of the room). Click any poll question that's listed. Doing so will immediately unlock that poll so that the audience can respond. The poll results will be displayed. In the bottom-left corner, click the circled-line button to return to the list of poll questions where you can pick your next poll question, as desired. Close the browser window when done.

Detailed Steps

  • After creating your poll questions, visit Session Settings, then choose Easy Presentation Mode. NOTE: you would normally do this on a laptop computer that is connected to the projector.

  • You'll see a list of poll questions. As soon as you click on a poll question, a new browser window will open and that poll will be unlocked so that the audience can respond. Results will be displayed in your browser window, similar to this:

  • If you're done with that poll question, you can close the browser window which will cause that poll question to re-lock. Or, if you're ready to pick the next poll question, click the button in the bottom-left corner that looks like this:

  • You'll return to the list of poll questions where you can pick another poll. Please note that your previous poll question will still be opened (available for response). The only way to close that previous poll is to either pick a new poll or close the browser window.

Additional Options include:

  • By default, poll results will be shown on a light (white) background. You can switch to the Dark Theme at any time.

  • Normally, your web browser's address bar and menu options will remain visible while using Presentation Mode. Click on Enter Full Screen Mode to hide those parts of the browser. You can exit full screen mode by either pressing the Esc key or by choosing 'Exit Full Screen Mode' from the menu button (bottom left corner).

  • When you click on the bottom-left button after having selected a poll, you're viewing the "overlay" which lists all of the available poll questions plus the options noted above. Clicking on 'Close Overlay' will return you to your poll results.