You can have the most popular Social Q&A entries display on the big screen at your event. Here's a sample image:

There are three methods to embed the Social Q&A slide so that Q&A questions appear on the big screen at your event. Choose whichever method works best for you. 

NOTE: You can also change a configuration setting so that only Favorited Questions appear on the big screen. To learn more, click here.

Method A: Use the “Insert” option in the "Conferences i/o" ribbon (Windows Only)

Paste in the slide code and a slide will be generated for you. To do so, do the following:

  • Start from the screen that shows your Poll and Social Q&A entries. At the bottom of that screen, choose Session Settings (use 'Sign in as Moderator' first if you don't see that button)
  • Next, visit the menu choice called 'Add Live Content to PowerPoint'.
  • This page features two large grey buttons that represent the supported platforms. Scroll down past those large gray buttons until you find the list of slide codes. You'll see the 16-digit slide codes on the right side of each slide. Copy the slide code to your clipboard.
  • Go into your PowerPoint file, and visit the 'Conferences i/o' menu choice. Click the button for Insert Conferences i/o Slide. (Note: if you don't have the 'Conferences i/o' menu choice, you need to install our PowerPoint Add-In for Windows).
  • Paste the code and click OK.

Method B: Download all slides at once (Windows or Mac)

On the same screen that contains all of your session's slide codes you should see a button that says "Download All Live Content Slides". This option downloads a PPTX file containing slides for every existing poll in your session along with the "Social Q&A" slide. You can then copy/paste the Social Q&A slide to your target presentation (perhaps near the end of your slide deck where Q&A is often addressed).

To see this method in action, you can watch our related brief video on polling slides below.

Method C: Manually insert presenter notes (Windows or Mac)

You can add a Conferences i/o slide code to any slide’s presenter notes. Just type out our <cnf> tag, paste in a slide code, and a closing </cnf> tag.


How to Configure the Q&A Slide to only show Favorited Questions

By default, the most popular questions appear on the Q&A slide. The system will fit as many questions as it can based on the screen resolution being used on the presentation computer.

You can change this to just show "favorited questions" (red-heart). This can be especially helpful when you have moderators in the room who are reviewing and marking the questions (via the red-heart button) that they believe are most helpful for discussion.

To change the Q&A slide configuration,click on the Session Settings button (sign in as a moderator first, if needed). Then choose "Add Live Content to PowerPoint or Keynote". Scroll down the page until you see the list of slide codes. The first entry is usually for "Audience Questions". Click the [EDIT] button shown beside.

On the web page that displays next, change the setting for 'Which Questions Should be Shown?' to be "Favorited Questions Only" and click Save.

This should take effect with the next time you run your PowerPoint slide.