The Conferences i/o Windows PowerPoint Add-In adds a "Conferences i/o" ribbon to PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2016. This ribbon allows you to insert special "Live Content" slides into your presentation. When running the presentation as a slideshow, the Add-In will use these special slides to show Live Content from your Conferences i/o session, like a poll or the current list of Social Q&A questions.

This Add-In cannot currently be used to create new polls within PowerPoint. To create a new poll, you must create a poll in your Conferences i/o session, then use that poll's unique "Slide Code" to embed into your presentation.

Downloading the Add-In

Before downloading, you may want to review system requirements. To see what's new or fixed, visit the release notes page.
Note: Make sure PowerPoint is closed before installing the Add-In.

Download LinkDescription
SHA-256 Checksum (for ZIP download)
Download Version 2.016, Universal Installer (March 2020)

Universal Installer for most users. If you're not sure what to download, this is the one you want.
Alternative Download: MSI for x64 and x86
Not currently available for Version 2.016.

Alternative Download: Admin-Rights-Free 
This alternative installer should not require administrative rights in Windows to install.

For an older version of the add-in, click here

Installing the Add-In

After downloading, we strongly recommend extracting the installer file from the downloaded ZIP before you run the installer. On some operating systems, failing to extract the ZIP  may cause the installer to partially fail (though you will not see an error message). See a helpful 90-second video tutorial on installing. For troubleshooting help with installation of the add-in, click here.

You must also close PowerPoint (if it's open) before running the installer.

Verifying installation success

If the installation process was successful, you will see a new “Conferences i/o” tab in PowerPoint’s menu ribbon. If you don't see the new menu choice, try closing all open windows of PowerPoint and then re-open PowerPoint.

How do I keep the Add-In updated?

From time to time, Conferences i/o will release new versions of our Add-In. When a new version is available, you will see an "Update Available" icon in the Conferences i/o ribbon. This will button will direct you to the latest Add-In downloads.

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Need a visual tutorial on how to embed polls into PowerPoint? Click here for our 3 minute video tutorial!