Note: This article applies only to the second-generation version of our Windows PowerPoint Add-In, which is our recommended integration option as of July 2017. The second-generation version is not backward compatible with PowerPoint files that were created with the first-generation version of our Add-In. If you have files created with the first-generation version, we recommend continuing to use the first-generation software, but at your next event(s) switch over to the second-generation version.

Note about backward compatibility

Our second-generation version of the Windows PowerPoint Add-In is not backward compatible with Conferences i/o slides created from the first-generation version of our Add-In.

PowerPoint compatibility

The second-generation version is only compatible with PowerPoint 2010 and more recent. If you are using an older version of PowerPoint, we recommend using our first-generation solution.

>> Download the latest installer by clicking here <<

System requirements are denoted hereIf you are looking for MSI installers (like in a managed software environment), MSI installers can be found here.

Important: Extract the downloaded ZIP before running the installer

The installer will download in a ZIP file. In order for the installer to work correctly, you must extract the contents of that ZIP file, and run the installer from the extracted folder. If you try to run the installer without first extracting the ZIP file, the installation process may not work correctly.

Note about installing both the first-generation and second-generation

The new version of the Add-In does not replace the legacy version, meaning you may be able to run both this beta and the legacy version at the same time. We have noted some platforms show an error in PowerPoint when both versions are installed, so if you have both installed and see an error, you will have to remove one of the versions before continuing.

Updating to the latest version

Updating is simple. Just use the download link and run the latest installer.

Verifying installation success

If the installation process was successful, you will see a new “Conferences i/o” tab in PowerPoint’s menu ribbon.

Note: If PowerPoint was open during the installation, try closing and re-opening PowerPoint to force Add-Ins to automatically load.

Next: Learn how to use the new Add-In

Please visit our help article that describes how to use the new Add-In.