If you have poll questions (live content slides) in your PowerPoint slide deck but live content slides do not work as expected, check these settings and configurations. 


Live content slides are not appearing

The PowerPoint Add-In doesn't spring into action unless you run in slide show mode. When you are viewing slides in the normal view for editing or reviewing, you won't see any poll results. You have to run in slide show mode and arrive to a special Live Content slide before the system will spring into action.

Attendees cannot see live content slides

When presenting content by sharing your screen in a virtual meeting, make sure you're sharing the entire desktop where the audience view is displayed. The live content is recognized as a different window in Windows or MacOS, so applications like Zoom and Webex won't properly display them if only the PowerPoint window is shared.

Live Content Slides appear on the wrong desktop when using multiple displays

If the live content slides are appearing oñ the wrong display, the primary display may need to be changed in either PowerPoint or Windows. 

See Present on multiple monitors (and view speaker notes privately) for instructions on how to switch the primary display.

Live Content Slides not working when using PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams

PowerPoint Live is a feature that natively embeds a PowerPoint presentation into a Teams meeting, bypassing the need to share a desktop running PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Live cannot display Live Content Slides and does not work with either the Mac App or the PowerPoint add-in.

To use live content slides in a Teams meeting, ensure that the appropriate helper application is installed, then share the entire desktop of a presentation in slideshow mode.

Poll Results are cut off or distorted

If you see a partial view of poll results or if poll results are cut off, check the Windows Display Scale settings on your computer. Be sure to click once on each display (#1 and #2), one at a time, to check their respective scale percentages. Typically, you'll want to adjust the scale percentage of the external (projector) display to match with the laptop's display. It's important that both displays use the same scale setting as otherwise, poll results will not appear correctly.

  1. Visit the Windows display settings.
  2. Check the settings to see if display #1 and #2 are duplicated. If not, skip to step 4.
  3. If your computer is set to Duplicate these displays, choose Extend these displays. This must be done so that you can independently set the scale percentage. 
  4. Click once on the box for "Display 1" and make note of the scale percentage. Next, click on Display #2 and set its Scale percentage to match with Display #1. As an example, many newer laptops will have "Display 1" (the laptop display) set for 125% or 150%. Click on the box for "Display 2" and change the scale percentage to match with Display 1 (e.g., 125% or 150%). After doing so, you can optionally set the displays to "Duplicate these displays" if preferred (and/or if that's how the display setting was configured during step 1).

Windows PowerPoint ribbon is missing

See Troubleshooting the Windows PowerPoint Add-In.

Mac App icon is missing

See Troubleshooting the Conferences i/o Mac App.

No Internet Connection

Make sure that the laptop has a working Internet connection. Open up the browser and try to go to a website to ensure the Internet connection is working. If it's not working, Conferences i/o won't work either.

Audience responses are not displaying in the Live Content Slide

It's possible your attendees haven't responded yet. Your slide contains live content which will update in real-time as audience members submit their responses. Before responses are received each possible option will be displayed as having been selected by 0% of the audience. When audience members begin submitting their responses the poll results will update accordingly. 

For learn more about testing live polls, see How to Test Polls. You can change the on-screen behavior of polls so that there's a countdown timer, or you could opt for a "manually advance to results" option. Learn more.