If you have poll questions (live content slides) in your PowerPoint slide deck but upon running those slides, poll results don't appear as expected, check the following. We'll start with simple solutions first.

You See: "No Votes Have Been Cast Yet"

When you run a live content slide in slideshow mode, it's normal to see a message that says "No votes have been cast yet". As soon as at least one response is received, that message will go away and poll results will appear. For information on methods to easily test live polls, see our video entitled "How to Test Polls". You can change the on-screen behavior of polls so that there's a countdown timer, or you could opt for a "manually advance to results" option. Learn more.

Windows PowerPoint Add-In Isn't Installed or Enabled?

If you don't see poll results, please confirm that the PowerPoint Add-In is successfully installed. If it's installed, you should see a menu choice called Conferences i/o which should appear to the right of the "Help" menu at the top of the screen (see sample screenshot above). If not, visit our download page or our article entitled "Troubleshooting PowerPoint Add-In Not Appearing".

(Mac users: please see our "Mac App" related articles here.)

Older Version of the Windows PowerPoint Add-In Installed?

Under some scenarios related to Windows display settings, you might experience a situation where polls are successfully unlocked when you run your slideshow but the results don't appear on your computer screen. If that happens, you might try briefly disconnecting from the projector (if attached) or from any second monitor that's attached, and re-test to see if results now appear. If poll results now work, you have confirmed there's a Windows display related issue. 

Note: our newer version of the PowerPoint Add-In for Windows resolves an issue related to some Windows display settings. See the release notes for details. To check which version of the Add-In that you have, click on the menu choice called Conferences i/o and choose Help. Visit our download page to get the latest version.

Partial View or Cut-Off View of Poll Results? 

If you see a partial view of poll results or if poll results are cut off, check the Windows Display Scale settings on your computer. To do so on a Windows 10 computer, go to Settings > System > Display. (Under Windows 7, click Start > Control Panel > Display). You should see a setting for scale. Common settings are 100% or 125%. It's important that the displays use the same scale setting as otherwise, poll results will not appear correctly. Be sure to click once on each display (#1 and #2), one at a time, to check their respective scale percentages. Typically, you'll want to adjust the scale percentage of the external (projector) display to match with the laptop's display.

IMPORTANT: you should use the Windows "sign out" option (or reboot) after making any changes to these display settings as otherwise, the fix will likely not be recognized by the Add-In.

    If you're still having trouble, please contact us at support@conferences.io.