Standard Self Check-In Mode integrates directly into sessions and is a great option if you are already taking advantage of polling, evaluations, or audience Q&A. 


Attendee View

In standard self check-in mode, as attendees join sessions, they will be prompted to check-in. If a check-in code is configured for that particular session, the attendee must enter the correct check-in code before being able to join the session.

You can optionally allow attendees to check out of a session after joining. If check-out is enabled for a session, attendees will see a check-out button at the top of the session screen. You can also require a check-out code if desired.

Session Configuration

You can configure check-in and check-out requirements when creating or editing sessions on the "Manage Sessions" page. The editing page will include a new section labeled "Attendance Tracking". 

Alternatively, you can configure check-in and check-out using our spreadsheet import and update tools. To learn more, see our article on Updating Sessions for Attendance Tracking (if the sessions already exist) or see our Bulk Session Import on how to quick create (add) sessions.