Designed specifically for courses / seminars, the Attendance Tracking Kiosk Mode is a direct replacement for paper sign-in sheets. A Kiosk device (laptop or tablet) is provided in the room for attendees to use to sign in / out. Administrators can even import lists of registered attendees ahead of time so registered attendees can simply find their name on the list and check in with a single click / tap.

Enabling Kiosk Mode

Make sure that you have enabled Single-Session Kiosk mode via AdminĀ > Attendance Tracking Modes. You need to check the 'Enable' box for this mode before it is available. You can also optionally enable a "check-out" mode. To do so, look for the 'Change Settings' link on that screen.

If you enable the check-out option, you can choose whether attendees will see a list of names or email addresses when they go to check out.

How to access Session Kiosk Mode

Links to Session Kiosk Mode can be found on your 'Manage Sessions' page among the Check-Ins detail. Each session has a unique Session Kiosk URL.

Browse to this URL on a shared device and you are all set.

What attendees will see when checking in

By default, attendees will be prompted for the fields you've configured with Attendance Tracking.

After adding their details and tapping "Check In", an attendee is checked in and the next attendee can use the shared device.

What attendees will see when checking out

To switch to check-out mode, tap on the "Switch to Check-Out" mode button at the top of the check-in screen.

Check-out mode will display a list of all attendees who checked in. By default this list will show first name / last name, and be sorted alphabetically by first name.

To check out, an attendee only has to find their name, and then confirm the check-out.

Note that attendees can optionally send themselves an email receipt of the check-in. This option is only available if their email address was recorded when checking in.