The Attendance Tracking Kiosk Mode is a direct replacement for paper sign-in sheets. A Kiosk device (laptop or tablet) is provided in the room for attendees to use to sign in / out. 

Alternatively, a staff person (or even the instructor) can manage the Kiosk and check each attendee in and out (if someone leaves early), rather than having each attendee use the Kiosk to check themselves in / out.

Administrators can even import lists of registered attendees ahead of time so registered attendees can simply find their name on the list and check in with a single click / tap.

Enabling Kiosk Mode

Make sure that you have enabled Kiosk mode via Admin > Attendance Tracking Modes. You need to check the 'Enable' box for this mode before it is available. 

How to access Session Kiosk Mode

Links to the Kiosk page for each session can be found on your 'Manage Sessions' page under the Attendance column. Each session has a unique Session Kiosk URL (digital sign-in sheet).

Browse to this URL on the Kiosk device being used in the room and you are all set.

How to Check-in Attendees Using the Kiosk

By default, attendees will need to be manually check-in (information added) to the Kiosk

  • Access the Kiosk page for the session
  • Click Add Manual Check-in
  • Enter the required ID information and click Check-in Now

After completing check-in the attendee's name will be displayed on the Kiosk along with their current status.

Pre-load Registered Attendees

Admins can import a list of registered attendees prior to the session (learn how to pre-load attendees here). If attendees are pre-loaded ahead of time, their names will already appear on the Kiosk page and an attendee can be checked-in by simply tapping on their name. 

How to Check Attendees Out Using the Kiosk

The status of each attendee (checked-in, checked-out, or not yet checked in) will be displayed next to their name.

To check an attendee out simply tap on their name and then click Check Out Now.

Note that attendees can optionally send themselves an email receipt of the check-in. This option is only available if their email address was recorded when checking in.

Our Tip for Managing Check-Outs

Our recommendation is to make sure that each attendee successfully checks-in but only require attendees to check-out if they leave the session early. Then, after the session is over, use the Admin Bulk Checkout Feature to check the rest of the attendees out of the session. The Bulk Checkout will apply a timestamp based on the session's scheduled end time.

That way you have complete check-in and check-out records for all attendees but you don't have to require everyone who attended the full session to line back up at the end to get checked-out.