If you're using correct-answer poll questions, use the Attendee Report Card to save time and grade attendee responses automatically.

The Attendee Report Card is a personalized Excel report that can be emailed to each attendee after the event is over. The individualized report will provide overall results along with a detailed listing of all poll questions, showing the correct answer to each poll along with the attendee's answer to each poll. These report files are separate and unique for each attendee, and only that user's results are included in the report.


Beta enrollment

See Beta Program Information for information about how to enroll in the beta.


To have full functionality of the Attendee Report Card, you must enable Attendee Identification in sessions that will have correct-answer poll questions. This is necessary so that each attendee's results can be tracked. We recommend requiring both Name and Email Address. Learn more about updating identity requirements in your app.

Next, create correct-answer poll questions in one or more sessions of your app. Learn more about the basics of audience polling.

After your event is over, you're ready to generate report cards. Or if you are testing this feature, just make sure that you have created several correct-answer poll questions and collected responses to them.

Generate Report Cards

Under the Admin menu, look for Attendee Report Cards under 'Advanced Tools'.

Click the blue button to generate report cards.

After report cards are generated, you'll see a screen similar to this one (names & emails listed have been fictionalized).

The screen above will indicate how many sessions the attendee participated in along with their overall grade (shown as a percentage). For example, in the row for "Nick Smith", he attended one session and he correctly answered 3 questions out of 4, which gave him an overall grade of 75%. There are two action links available so that you can download an attendee's report card (in XLSX format) and/or send that attendee's report card by email, which the Conferences i/o system would do.

Before attempting to send any report cards by email, it's critical that the settings be established.

Configure Email Settings for Report Cards

On the report card screen, click the link for Modify Report Card Settings.

Using the following sample as a template, fill-in the email settings with your desired choices. Each field below includes helpful information on its purpose.

Click Save when done.

Send Report Cards to All

On the report card screen, you can click the orange button at any time to send all users their personalized report card. When you click the button, the system will attempt to email each attendee in the list immediately.

Re-Generate Report Cards

On the report card screen, you can click to re-generate report cards at anytime. This can be helpful during testing after creating additional poll responses, for example. You can also click the button to download all report cards at anytime. The download will be in ZIP format and each report will be in Excel file where the filenames are named with the user's email address.

Sample Report Results - Summary Sheet

Sample Report Results - Sample Detail Sheet

Note: Only correct-answer poll questions are included in the report. Regular poll questions are not included.